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I'm Christina, founder and owner of CK Yoga and I am a qualified adult and children's yoga teacher (accredited with yoga alliance).  

My yoga journey began over twenty years ago when I first tried a class in a gym hall in North London, and kept going back.  Something about it really hooked me, I had never been a sporty or competitive person, but I could see that this way of movement with the breath was changing me, helping me, nourishing me and I knew I wanted more of it.  Wherever I lived, I would always seek out a studio, a class, a teacher, that helped me not just to move and stretch but also to connect back to myself.  Yoga has travelled alongside me throughout the shifting changes and stages of my life from dynamic practises to pregnancy and birth yoga, mum and baby yoga, kids yoga and yoga for sleep and stress relief.  Yoga has helped me immeasurably with my own mental health and wellbeing.   It is a vital part of my life, like an anchor that constantly brings me back to myself, to my body and to the breath. 

I have been teaching in education settings for several years bringing yoga to staff and children in primary schools and pre-schools.  I love to share the benefits of yoga, both physical and mental, to those who would not normally have access to yoga.  I have a background in child counselling (art therapy) and child development training and bring these skills to my lessons for young people, giving them tools to help with anxiety and a greater understanding of their mind and body.

My adult classes offer an accessible yoga class where all are welcome, creaky and stiff or strong and supple.  Yoga does not require any particular type of body, just a willingness to show up for yourself.  I welcome you to come as you are - just bring your body and the mat and the rest will take care of itself. 

Yoga qualifications: 

200hr YTT (Live Love Yoga) 

Yoga for children with ASD and ADHD (Special Yoga) 

Advanced Children's Yoga (Children Inspired by Yoga) 

Yoga for Children with Additional Needs (Children Inspired by Yoga)

Baby Yoga (Children Inspired by Yoga)

Therapy qualifications: 

MA in Integrated Child Psychotherapy (2yrs completed)

Diploma in the Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts

Certificate in Psychosynthesis Foundations

Children's Emotional Wellbeing and Volunteer Counselling Training (Place2Be)


"You are the sky, everything else is just the weather"

Pema Chodron


Adult yoga classes with CK Yoga

I teach adult yoga classes in Sussex and surrounding areas. The main styles of yoga that I teach are vinyasa flow, gentle/restorative flow and hatha.  My classes are aimed at all levels and follow a steady flow of sequences with a focus on mind/body connection.  My aim is to help you find strength and flexibility internally and externally and to bring a little pocket of calm to your lives both on and off the yoga mat.  My classes are accessible and encourage you to listen to, and follow the rhythms of your own body.

I have a special interest in yoga for mental health and can offer small group classes or 1-1s.  These classes are nourishing, restorative and very gentle.  The focus is on your internal world, wellbeing and on movement that relieves stress and helps connect to your body to bring you to a place of awareness, aiding self regulation and creating a calmer, more connected body and mind. 

Please contact me for latest class schedule 


Yoga can help you to: 

develop flexibility and strength physically

create greater body awareness and understanding

understand how to manage anxiety stress and emotions 

understand how to be present and how to breathe and relax

start to gain a body/felt sense of how to self regulate

Christina Yoga Teacher Lewes


Tuesday Vinyasa Flow @ Uckfield Studio 7.30-8.30pm

£10 in studio (and class passes valid), £7 livestream via zoom

A nourishing twilight flow with steady flowing sequencing of postures and breath designed to calm and restore



Payment for all classes will be taken in advance of the class.  Livestream bookings MUST be made at least two hours before start of the class. 

CK Yoga offer yoga and mindfulness classes in education settings




CK Yoga offer yoga and mindfulness classes in education settings.  

We teach yoga in education settings and offer the following: ​

  • a block/term of weekly classes 

  • one-off workshops

  • yoga to alleviate exam stress

  • nurture groups for SEN children

  • yoga and mindfulness for staff

  • workshops for staff on how to deliver "yoga breaks"in the classroom


Within all our classes we incorporate breathing and calming mindful exercises with yoga postures and sequences, yoga games and relaxation. ​

CK Yoga teachers are yoga alliance accredited adult, teen and children's yoga teachers and hold enhanced CRB certificates, first aid training, safeguarding training and have full liability insurance. 

Yoga has so many benefits for children and young people including: 

  • Providing relaxation techniques to alleviate stress

  • Improving muscle tone, fitness and flexibility 

  • Helping motor development (fine & gross) and balance & co-ordination

  • Supporting sensory integration through proprioceptive and vestibular input

  • Increasing confidence, self-esteem, and a positive body image

  • Improving concentration and attention span through activities that promote self-regulation

  • Encouraging communication skills

  • An aid for sleep and digestion

  • Providing a non-competitive and inclusive activity for all children at varying stages of development, including those with additional needs​


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